100% Natural & Safe


It is a mineral which helps to detox and supplement your body. The safety and the capacity have drawn the attention in the cosmetic industry as well.
Our products/materials are totally natural material without additives and artificial syntheses. DONAN is an eco friendly and highly bio affinity supplement with the ability to adsorb impurities due to the porosity of coral structure and more than 70 kinds of minerals content including Calcium.

Raw material of fossil coral

Fossil Coral Material: DONAN

Fine natural material for mineral supplement and food additive.

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Coral Apatite

Coral-based apatite for various use including cosmetic products.

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Fossil Coral Powder with Hydrogen

Raw material for high concentration Hydrogen and minerals.

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Fossil Coral Feedstuff: ULCAL

Raw material of fossil coral natural feedstuff.

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Fossil Coral Water Filtration Media

Filtration material with adsorption and mineral dissolution effects.

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Donan: Unit-dose packaging (net 1g x 30 sachets)

Daily supplements of calcium and minerals including 16 kinds of essential minerals for health of human body.