Providing Totally Natural Mineral Fossil Coral for Healthy Living

Coral International supplies fossil coral packed with nutrients in a totally natural state -no artificial additives- allowing you to fully reap the benefits of this wonderful resource that is truly a blessing of nature.

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Who We Are

Fossil Coral Specialist

Coral International is a coral calcium and mineral provider specializing in Yonaguni Fossil Coral mineral materials and products for a wide range of industries in Japan and around the world.
We supply fossil coral packed with nutrients in a totally natural state-no artificial additives-allowing you to fully reap the benefits of this wonderful resource that is truly a blessing of nature.

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Our Coral and Coral Reefs

A Rich Ecosystem

The waters that span the area from the main island of Okinawa to the Yaeyama Islands are one of the greatest treasure troves of coral reefs in the world. Yonaguni Island is located at the western end of the Yaeyama Island chain, which belongs to the Nansei Islands, and lies northeast of Taiwan. According to geological surveys, the coral reefs in the area appeared in the Pleistocene Quaternary period (about 2.6 million to about 100 thousand years ago). These reefs are known as Ryukyu limestone and are classified as “new limestone” geologically.
Due to a drop in sea level or crustal movement, the coral of Yonaguni Island is now exposed above ground. It is very rare to find fossilized coral preserved in the state in which it was living. We call this Yonaguni coral “fossil coral” as opposed to the “coral limestone” of Ryukyu limestone.

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fossilized Coral
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Coral and Coral Reefs – a Rich Ecosystem

0 additives

High Purity and Mineral Content

about 100,000 years old

Non-Calcinated Calcium

0% denaturalizing

Nature’s Blend of Minerals

more than 70 kinds of minerals

Superb Aqueous Dispersion

3μm particle size

Excellent Adsorption Ability Removes Harmful Substances

over 99% removal

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100% Natural and Safe

Materials and Products

Fossil coral is a mineral that helps to detox and supplement the nutrients in your body. Its safety and effectiveness are recognized by the cosmetic industry as well.
Our products and materials are all totally natural, without additives and artificial syntheses. DONAN is an eco friendly and high bio-affinity supplement with the ability to adsorb impurities due to the porosity of the coral structure and its more than 70 kinds of minerals, including calcium.

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Raw Materials from Fossil Coral

Fossil Coral Material: DONAN

Fine natural material for mineral supplements and food additives.

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Coral Apatite

Coral-based apatite for various uses including cosmetic products.

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Fossil Coral Powder with Hydrogen

Raw material for high concentration hydrogen and minerals.

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Fossil Coral Feedstuff: ULCAL

Raw material from fossil coral for natural feedstuffs.

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Fossil Coral Water Filtration Media

Filtration material with adsorption and mineral dissolution effects.

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DONAN Sachet & DONAN Bottle

Daily supplement of calcium and minerals including 16 kinds of essential minerals for a healthier body.