Raw Material for Filtration Media

Fossil Coral Water Filtration Media

The fossil coral on Yonaguni Island appeared one hundred thousand years ago as the result of tectonic uplift. Thus, stony corals of a very young age were fossilized. The fossil coral that we mine is in the same state in which it was generated, meaning it has a porous structure with high purity.

Fossil coral contains more than 70 kinds of marine minerals and makes water tasty.
The main component of fossil coral is calcium carbonate and it also contains a natural balance of essential minerals necessary for human health, including magnesium, sulfur, potassium, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, cobalt, chromium and molybdenum. These minerals make water tasty.

The filtration material is made of high purity fossil coral. Fossil coral consists of coral skeletons which serve as a pure water filtration material.

The porous structure adsorbs impurities. Fossil coral adsorbs impurities like pesticide residue, heavy metal ions and bacteria thanks to its porous structure.

Fossil coral filtration media will turn acidic drinking water into alkaline drinking water.


Appearance properties
Milky white fine powder, tasteless and odorless
35% or more
Loss on drying
1.0 or less
Arsenic (as As)
2ppm or less
Heavy metal (as Pb)
2ppm or less
General bacteria
3000/g or less
Coliform bacteria
Particle Size
0.6mm ~ 2.8mm
2.8mm ~ 5.0mm
5.0mm ~ 7.0mm
5.0mm ~ 13.0mm
Net 20kgs
Inner packaging: Polyethylene bag
Exterior package; Cardboard box

Mineral dissolution test, Residual chlorine test, pH test Test Report