GMP certified by JHNFA, Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association
Absence of substances as per WADA List (World Anti-Doping Agency)
Absence of substances as per WADA List (World Anti-Doping Agency)
Major essential minerals contained in Yonaguni fossil coral Mineral content list
From the Report by Western Analysis, Inc. dated July 1, 2006 Content per 100g Link to report by Ph.D. Yomei
Excellent Adsorption Ability Removes Harmful Substances: Incredible Anti-Bacterial Power
According to measurements of specific gravity and surface area of corallite prepared by Japan Energy Research and Development, the surface area of such porous fossilized coral is estimated to be around 2,200 times greater than the surface areas of other substances in general. Fossilized coral utilizes this incredible surface area for superior bacteria adsorption. Test Report
Elimination of Heavy Metals and Residual Pesticides
Removal of Heavy Metal Ions by Fossil Coral Test Report
DONAN Fossil Coral Material
Clinical trial of human bone density enhancement by Toho University School of Medicine anatomy department ( PDF:268KB )
Bone density test for athletes ( PDF:325KB )
DONAN’S capability to boost immune reactions is realized in combination with actic acid bacteria. Test Report ( PDF:197KB )
Coral Apatite
Re-calcification test on permanent teeth: pigment adsorption, oral bacteria adsorption, palladium adsorption, heavy metal adsorption, odor substances adsorption, lipid peroxide adsorption. Test Reports ( PDF:456KB )
Fossil Coral Powder with Hydrogen
Outstanding ability to eliminate active oxygen radicals was confirmed by Designer’s Food Co., Ltd. ( PDF:212KB )
Highly concentrated hydrogen is stably released over long periods. ( PDF:749KB )
ULCAL Fossil Coral Feedstuff
Comparison of mycotoxin concentration in feedstuff and milk after adding fossil coral feedstuff. ( PDF:1,567KB )
Fossil Coral Water Filtration Media
Mineral dissolution test, Residual chlorine test, pH test ( PDF:31KB )
DONAN Sachets
Mineral ingredients of Yonaguni fossil coral from a report by Western Analysis, Inc. dated July 1, 2006. Mineral content list
Role of calcium in anti-aging by Ph.D. Yomei Link to report by Ph.D. Yomei
The features of DONAN are summarized in the #Features. Link